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Date sixty-eight or Date 68 is a colloquial term of folk etymology, describing a social situation which that may refer to a type of one-night stand, hotel pick-up, female domination or even male prostitution. It's also linked to a particular urban legend called Foreigner Date-Trick that surfaced during the late 1990s boom in American economy. Since the story allegedly originated in New England, it's also sometimes called New England First Date.

The colloquial term 68 is derived from the name of a famous 69 sexual position, 68 being 69-1, describing a situation when only one of the participants is actually performing. Date 68 is used in conjunction with a date ending with one party (typically male) performing oral sex on another with no reciprocation.

Another related term - DATY (dining at the Y) - is used by female prostitutes, predominantly in the San Francisco Bay area, to describe a fairly new type of sexual service - cunnilingus for money.


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